From our in-store guest book:

Cozy B. - Congratulations! Best scope shop in the world! / Kay W. - Wow! Fantastic! / Pam W. - Incredible store! Love you! / Mary Theresa B. - Wonderful, wow, way out! / Jim & June M. - Awesome!! / Janice & Ray C. - Good luck to two great people! / Marc T. - Brilliant job you two! / Carole G. - Amazing store! / Cathy M. - BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS / Marcia C. - Best wishes and SOAR / Boni, David & Joshua P. - Absolutely fabulous / Klara S. - You Guys Rock! / Siniyak S. - Great coverage on Fox 5 / Joe G. – A shop that cultivates wonder / Yuem K. – It’s an international store now ^_^ / Deborah B. - Wonderful for all ages / Joan E. - Wonderful to see such classics / Harvey M. - Brings back my childhood / Jerry & Polly M. - Fun-fun! A good education! / Harrison V. – Amazing! / Sonra G.  - A whole new world for senses / Anne M. - How fabulous! / Brenda B. Awesome ^_^ / Linda M. - Magical, magical! / Amy C. - Made my day! / Ronda T. - My new favorite store! / David J. - I could get lost in kaleidoscopes / Alice B. - Wow! I want it all / Nancy B. - Breathtaking assortment! / Steven M. - Wonderful museum-like visit / Marie R. – C’est Magnifique! / Reza W. I’m in love / Sarah A. - Amazing selection / Lynda T. - Timeless enjoyment / Cassandra T. Good eye candy / Mark P. - Spectacular store / Anita K. S. - What fun! Something for everyone / Blaine C. - I could have spent the entire day here! / Helen C. - This is GR8! Love your shop! / JR & Linda H. - We love it here … And will be back with friends. / Karen C. N. - Fantabulistically magnific / David M. - The coolest store in Atlanta! / Debbie S. - A wonderful experience! / David K. - I am just amazed!! / Tom D. - Unique and stunning! / Susan H. - Wonderful, wonderful & magical! / Sylvia B. - So many wonderful options! / Lois M. H. - Very different/I love it! / Margaret R. - Awesome, beautiful, exquisite / Tom S. F. - Relaxing, refreshing & friendly / Sean C. - Best Store Ever! / Nansy P. - I love this store, everyone should experience! / Charles & Wanda H. - My kind of store!  Fascinating / Wende V.  - Butterflies galore! Thanks! / Diane G. - I love this store! / Bob & Sally G. - What a treat! / Arther L. - My new favorite store! / Nathania T. - Very unique. Best place I’ve ever been / Carlene L. - A delightful experience / Dee H. - Wants K-jewelry Kaleidobowl!! Will be back ^_^ / Aubrey C. – I’m so glad I found your store! / Frankie W. - I learned a lot. Beautiful / Renee M. - We have such fun in your store! / Gail P. - Gracious and fun experience for any age / John, Virginia, Stanford, Mary S. and Marguerite H. - Thank you for a lovely 2 hours & our new family kaleidoscope / Tom, Elizabeth, Andrea & Megan C. – Atlanta’s own WOW! Shop! / Jennifer F. - Awesome! I came back twice in 1 day! I will tell all my friends / Lesa H. - I'm spreading the word about your cool shop! / Irene R. - This whole shop is like a kaleidoscope - Its amazing! / Robert E. S. - Fun, Fun, Fun/ Sue E. - Wonderful to dream with / Kiler P. - A mini museum of wonders.

Fifth grader Laura K.'s school report on the Kaleidoscope Shop:
The Coolest Place in the World
The Kaleidoscope Shop is a great place for cheering up. When you feel down go there for a good time of fun and games. The Kaleidoscope Shop is a wonderful place because of what they have what you can do and all the kaleidoscopes.
Firstly there is what you can do. Try working your brain skills with a bunch of fun brain teasers the owner lets you play in his shop. Also try the organ or chimes! But the main thing is the kaleidoscopes. Look through these amazing instruments into another world of color and light.
Second there is what they have. In this shop there is over 20 kaleidoscopes, brain teasers, an organ with chimes, an assortment of funky canes plus rings to untangle.  When people were moving to Oregon on the wagon trains they would make iron rings to untangle for entertainment.
Most of the things they have are kaleidoscopes. There are at least 20 of them. What I think is very cool is that they all have a name! Sometimes you can change the beads by yourself.
Those are just some of the amazing things they have. The Kaleidoscope Shop is a great place because of the kaleidoscopes what you can do and what they have.
Here are comments from some recent online customers:
Ann & Mary M. from Ireland:
The Judith Paul "Dogwood" brings a real breath of Georgia Spring into our lives.  The Parman Bros. "Poker" is very different - beautiful wood and a really nice image.  And it is great to add to our collection of artists with the Donna Hardin "Van Gogh Rose".   We are absolutely delighted with our 2 new scopes, which have arrived safe & sound.  We are going to have endless hours of fun and pleasure with them.  [David Kalish's "Soft Cell"] really is amazing value at that price. [The scarf is] beautiful and the images that [it] makes with the scope [is] exquisite. We are very happy too with our new Phil Coghill one - the wood looks great and has a beautiful tactile feel and the image is very sharp and clear.
A review of Phil Coghill's Bubinga Desk Set by John J:
Looks great on my desk.  Fun and entertaining for clients, convenient pen, great way to display my company's business card.
From Suzy G., online customer
I love it!  It is awesome! Thank you so much.